One Stop Shop

"One Stop Shop" for Heat Treating Equipment Services - all upgrade and maintenance projects

The UPC Service Group is made up of mechanical and electrical professionals. Our team of heat treat equipment design engineers and project managers make us a "one stop shop" for both small and large projects including equipment relocation, installation, startup, retrofit, repair, and rebuilding projects.

Preventative Maintenance and Equipment Inspection

The UPC Service Group has years of experience working with heat treating and metal processing equipment of all types and vintages. This experience has proven to be a valuable resource to our customer's internal maintenance teams by providing targeted on-site preventative maintenance and equipment inspections either on a regular contract basis or upon request. In addition, when problems are identified, the UPC Service Group has the tools and resources to fix and even rebuild the equipment as needed to get your department up and running as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive Field Services Include:

  • Complete Atmosphere Generator Rebuilding and Maintenance
  • Furnace Control Upgrade Projects
  • NFPA Equipment Compliance Inspection and Upgrades
  • New Equipment Turnkey Installation Solutions
  • Complete Furnace Rebuild (small updates ... to ... strip to the shell jobs)
  • Used Furnace Rebuild, Upgrade, Installation, Startup (Turnkey)
  • Atmosphere Control Installations
  • Burner Upgrade/Replacement and Tuning
  • Heating Element Replacement and Upgrade to SCR Projects
  • Off-site Rebuilds can be accomplished at some of our locations