Real-Time Induction Process Quality Control


Precise Control for Retrofits & New Furnaces

Full Compliance with CQI-9 - Monitoring for all induction applications

The PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION is a data acquisition and alarm package for induction heat treating equipment that meets industry standards requirements and ultimately provides precise and reliable process monitoring.

Typical Monitored / Logged Parameters :

  • Power
  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Temperature
  • Water flow
  • Scan rate
  • Other signals from the machine that can be measured
PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION monitors current, voltage, and frequency to the coil in real-time, enabling to determine whether or not uniform heating, proper flux density and depth are achieved.

PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION allows you to enter High, Low, and the number of accepted deviations for each of the monitored parameters. This feature enables the system to alarm when one of the parameters, established for a particular part, is out of the band. Any action taken, once induction is in process, may be determined by the operator.

PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION allows the creation of recipes for each part. Parameters are entered for power, voltage, frequency, scan rate and quench. Recipes are easily copied, modified, and saved.

PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION can run in Learning mode. In this mode, basic parameters of the part are entered into the system, and the part is processed accordingly. If the results of metallurgical test performed on the hardened part are not favorable, the parameters are corrected, and the next part is processed. When uniformity is attained, the optimal recipe is saved for that part.