Nitrogen / Methanol Control System


The SmartMeth™ control system is a fully automated nitrogen methanol mixing system for heat treating furnace atmosphere production. The SmartMeth™ utilizes the latest in precision differential pressure flow measurement and touch screen controller design. This first of its kind system with built-in flow rate calculation automatically sets the nitrogen and methanol flow rates based on a desired %CO furnace concentration.

  • Automatic flow set point calculation - calculates the required nitrogen and methanol flow rates to maintain a desired %CO at the required volume
  • Customizable recipe software
  • Optional integrated carbon and temperature control
  • Automatic atmosphere recovery provides additional synthetic gas flow on demand, when introducing a new load into the furnace
  • Integrated paperless chart recorder stores furnace temperature, %carbon, and synthetic gas flow furnace details
  • Completely assembled and tested to NFPA 86 safety guidelines