Annealing / Bright Annealing and Normalizing Control Solutions


Precise Control for Retrofits & New Furnaces

Need to be CQI-9, NADCAP, NFPA or ASM compliant?

UPC's control solution is a modular package customized to significantly improve your annealing, bright annealing, and normalizing operations, meet industry standards requirements, provide precise and reliable process control for greater savings and improved product quality.

Features Include :

  • Full compliance with AMS 2750D, NFPA 86-C section 14-9, CQI-9, and Nadcap
  • Latest achievements in annealing process control
  • Cost-effective module configurations for new installations or retrofits


UPC offers compact, fully automatic modules for new installations or retrofits. Each solution consists of a cost-effective module or combination of modules delivered with state-of-the-art equipment and backed by our extensive technological expertise.
The process atmosphere module is based on the AccuCarb LTA or FurnaceDoctor FX. AccuCarb LTA is specially designed oxygen probe for use in annealing atmospheres; and the FurnaceDoctor FX stationary infrared analyzer is recommended for use with endothermic or exothermic gases. The FurnaceDoctor FX is a high accuracy system that measures CO, CO2, and hydrocarbons. If used in conjunction with UPC's Protherm series of controllers, PF calculation is possible.

The process control module is based on Protherm 455, 500, 600 or 700 from simple annealing atmosphere control to full furnace automation for batch or continuous lines. All UPC instrumentation includes local data logging and compliance to automotive or aerospace specifications.

Nitrogen - Hydrogen Atmosphere Systems
Nitrogen - Hydrocarbon Atmosphere Systems

United Process Controls manufactures a full line of annealing control solutions for a wide variety of furnace types including hump back and roller continuous furnaces as well as batch type ovens and bell annealers. These engineered systems integrate the ActivePLC™, FurnaceMeter™, AtmoSense™ and Oxygen Probes, with our premier panel design and components to provide a complete furnace control package.
  • N2 emergency flow line
  • Purge flow monitoring device
  • Electronic flow control of combustible gases
  • Process gas lines are equipped with solenoid valves, manual valves, and Waukee Valve-Tronic Plus™ electronic flow meters
  • System is factory assembled, prewired, and tested
  • Optional Safeties: Purge confirmation, safe admission temperatures, proof of flow, check valves, limiting orifice valves, and automatic purge

The Waukee VALVE-TRONIC Plus™ is designed for accurate flow control and measurement. It can function as a stand-alone controller for basic applications or become an integral part of a process control system for automatic flow control. The Valve-Tronic Plus™ is available with optional Temperature / Pressure compensation for real-time flow correction, providing the most accurate flow measurement possible.

  • Large, bright flow display
  • Internal PID maintains constant flow to set point even with incoming has pressure variations
  • Set point from control instrument or flow meter keyboard
  • Built-in web server with historical alarm log
  • Modbus/TCP communications standard
  • High, Low, and deviation alarms
  • Flow totalization
  • Direct interface to Protherm instrumentation or SCADA packages