Carbonseer™ XS

Carbonseer™ XS

Tough design and saturation burn-off for high carbon applications

The industry's most popular, work-horse carbon probe. Alloy protection tube for versatility and ruggedness. Accepted as an industry standard, around the world.

  • Available in multiple insertion lengths up to 38" (964mm)
  • 0.87" diameter, schd. 40 sheath eliminates probe sag problems found on competitor probes - no need to periodically rotate the probe in order to prevent failure
  • Can be inserted up to 10" inside the furnace - no 4" limit as found on smaller diameter products
  • Genuine RA330 alloy sheath - we don't substitute cheaper alloys like the competition!
  • "K", "R", and "S" integral thermocouples are available
  • Fast probe burn-off (90 seconds) and rapid recovery time
  • Probe electrical disconnect allows for simple replacement
  • Strain-relief grommet for direct-to-terminal wiring

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