AccuCarb® Carbon Sensor



The AccuCarb® Carbon/ Oxygen Probe is a high accuracy zirconia oxygen sensor designed for the heat treating industry. This carbon sensing probe is a new, second generation zirconia sensor, specifically designed for highest accuracy, longest life and lowest cost. It was inspired by previous experience from the design and manufacturing of "first generation" probes and their limitations. The AccuCarb® probe is the result of extensive research and developmental testing. This probe represents a major breakthrough in probe design and has many patented features.

The AccuCarb® Advanced Probe is specifically designed for thermal toughness and can be installed and removed from a hot furnace in one-quarter of the time of conventional carbon sensors.
In a multiple probe installation, the AccuCarb® carbon probe was determined to be more accurate, by carbon shim analysis, than other commercially available probes.

The accuracy of any carbon probe depends upon many factors. Three of the most important requirements are:

  • The electrodes must not impede the flow of the atmosphere to the electrode-electrolyte interface.
  • The electrodes must act as reversible oxygen electrodes.
  • The electrodes must not alter the composition of the gas.
In "first generation" probes the two most common modes of failure were electrode and leadwire failure. The AccuCarb® probe uses a patented heat resistant alloy electrode welded to a metal sheath, which acts as a leadwire. Failure of these components is virtually eliminated.
By replacing precious metals used in "first generation" probes with heat resistant metal alloys, by simple and effective design, the purchase price is lowered and the performance is significantly improved. Low initial purchase price, 1 year use warranty, and rugged construction.


  • Type K sheathed thermocouple standard at no charge.
  • Adjustable probe length allows one probe to fit ALL furnaces. This reduces your replacement parts inventory.
  • Any one-inch NPT pipe thread can be used to mount the probe in a furnace wall.
  • The AccuCarb® Carbon probe has a 12 month usage warranty and after the warranty has expired, the probe may be exchanged for a new AccuCarb® probe at a significant savings.
  • Rugged construction of the AccuCarb® carbon probe eliminates the need for a metal alloy protection tube recommended by other probe manufactures.
Designed to easily replace other "first generation" probes in existing systems.