AccuCarb® Ceramic Probe



The AccuCarb® Ceramic Probe is a high accuracy zirconia oxygen sensor designed for the heat treating industry.

AccuCarb® Ceramic Probe is a patented, ceramic sheathed probe, high temperature probe, specifically designed for generator and for metal sintering applications. The standard model has an integral type K thermocouple and a tube fitting for air purge burnout of soot.

  • U.S. Patent No.4,588,493
  • Type K sheathed thermocouple standard. Other types of thermocouples are available
  • Adjustable probe length allows one probe to fit ALL furnaces. This reduces your replacement parts inventory
  • Any one-inch NPT pipe thread can be used to mount the probe in a furnace wall
  • Normal probe operating temperature is 1400-2100 deg F
  • Sensitivity +/- 0.1mv
  • Accuracy +/- 0.03%C
  • Stability +/- 1mv over probe life
  • Response time is less than 1 second
  • Impedance less than 4000 ohms
  • Stabilized Zirconia solid electrolyte. High purity alumina sheath. Patented alloy electrode
  • AccuCarb® Ceramic Probe has a life of about 2 years with normal use and comes with a 12 month warranty (breakage not included)