Sentinel-ES™ Control Panel

MMI's Sentinel-ES™ Control Panel brings you the very best technology to monitor oxygen and dewpoint in situations where an in-situ probe is not practical. The combination of fast response times, low sensor replacement cost, no modifications necessary for your furnace or generator, and simple set-up and calibration make the Sentinel-ES™ an obvious choice for difficult applications.

The Sentinel-ES™ is a breakthrough, cost-effective solution for monitoring oxygen concentration in applications running at temperatures or with environments too hostile or impractical to use in-situ probes. With a replacement (not rebuild) cost less than one-third that of conventional probes, the Sentinel-ES™ is an ideal solution for trouble-free and cost-effective control of endo generators.

  • 10X faster response than conventional probes
  • Up to 100X faster than reheat wells
  • No modifications to your furnace or generator - just plumbing
  • Lowest sensor replacement cost
  • Simplest set-up and calibration available
  • No hidden "maintenance kit," calibration or service costs
  • No costly extras like burn-off, reference air or timers needed

The Sentinel-ES™ Thrives Where In-situ Probes Cannot Survive