SGS™ Single-Gas Sensor




The SGS™ Single-Gas Sensor is an integrated thermal conductivity sampling system designed to measure the concentration of a gas sample in binary or quasi-binary mixtures.

Ideal for measuring hydrogen (hydrogen sensor) content or dissociation level with high accuracy in nitriding and nitrocarburizing atmospheres, the SGS™ is also capable of calculating KN and KC for controlled nitriding and nitrocarburizing.

The integral sampling system of the SGS™ eliminates the need for a separate external sampling system. This one-piece sensor is mounted directly to the furnace exhaust line or to the furnace’s sample port, and uses the Venturi effect to draw atmosphere from the exhaust line or sample port. The real advantages of the SGS™ are its low-maintenance and long service life, while eliminating the need for heated sample lines, filters, etc.


  • Integral sampling eliminates need for a separate sampling system
  • Sampling flow is generated by Venturi effect using either process atmosphere or exhaust gasses, depending on the installation location of the sensor
  • Sensing block with KF25 flange for direct exhaust or furnace installation
  • Sensing block and electronics embedded in the same enclosure
  • Integrated web server with access to diagnostics and maintenance
  • Optional calculation of nitriding and carbon potential for nitriding and nitrocarburizing
  • Modbus TCP standard
  • Two analog OUT: Programmable
  • Optional communication protocol: -- CAN bus, Profibus, Modbus RTU
  • Optional O2 sensor and O2 sensor temperature inputs

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