Intelligent Hydrogen Sampling System

The H2Smart™ is an integrated sampling system designed to measure hydrogen content with high accuracy in nitriding and nitrocarburizing atmospheres and to calculate the parameters necessary for process control. Its unique measuring cell design and advanced electronics eliminate the need for a reference gas cell, thus simplifying the installation and usage. Moreover, the measuring cell is maintained at a set temperature to protect the system from condensation and contamination during nitrocarburizing and post oxidation processes. An integrated sampling pump with variable output insures reliable flow through the measuring cell. The sampling flow is continuously measured via an integrated mass flow meter, and, if necessary, the flow is adjusted by changing the pump output. In this manner, the closed-loop flow control assures reliable H2 measurement and thus accurate nitriding and nitrocarburizing control.

H2Smart™ is available in 3 models: Base for % H2 measurement, LT includes base capabilities plus simplified KN calculation, and the premium version PRO includes LT capabilities plus extended calculation of pH2, pNH3, pO2, pCO, pCO2, KN, KC, KO and dissociation.