4th Generation Touch-Screen Enabled Process Controller For Heat Treating

Drop-in Replacement for CarbPro, DualPro and MultiPro *

The PROTHERM 455 is a 1/2 DIN powerful controller designed to monitor, control and record a variety of heat treating processes. Used in new furnaces as well as for refurbishing or updating existing systems, it is ideal for nitriding, nitrocarburizing, carburizing, carbonitriding, hardening, tempering and vacuum furnaces.

*Additional engineering may be required if DualPro or MultiPro use background logic programs.
  • Direct drop-in replacement for Marathon'’s CarbPro, DualPro, MultiPro, and Carb PC *
  • Supports Marathon recipes
  • Compatible with all legacy Marathon software
  • Redundant probe feature is standard
  • Full touch screen functionality makes intuitive menu-driven interface even simpler to use
  • Configured for 3 Internal PID loops, expandable to 32 control loops, to regulate configured process parameters such as furnace temperature, quench oil temperature as well as atmosphere parameters (e.g., carbon flow, carbon potential, nitriding potential, oxygen potential and many others)
  • Soft PID controllers within the device can be set-up in a cascade
  • Advanced auto-tuning PID and Cascade capabilities
  • Load-oriented treatments - real-time monitoring of jobs at all stages of the process
  • All process parameters can be configured with alarm limits
  • Built-in trending capability
  • Process variables are viewed and recorded by chart recorders
  • Log files can be downloaded to a remote computer for archiving & viewing with UPC chart recorder
  • Encrypted log files
  • Security level password protection - user access to different functions is password protected
  • Up to 200 treatments and templates can be created, modified and controlled
  • 200 foreground programs in easy to use, industry standard opcode language
  • Acts as a highway supervisor for up to 16 slave instruments. Communications compatibility with popular temperature controllers
  • Supports legacy MMI and MODBUS protocols as well as Ethernet MODBUS over TCP
  • Compatible with all popular data acquisition software application packages

Check out our 8-part video series on the Protherm 455.

Engineering Director Paul Barker walks you through the mechanical design, graphic user interface (HMI), collection of software modules for data logging, log chart viewer for generating CQI-9 compliant reports, and instructions for configuring I/O channels and calibration procedures as well as for setting up communications for a multi-zone configuration.

Intro to Mechanical Design

Using Data Logging with Recipe Programs

Setting Up a Pusher Furnace with Slave Instruments

Setting Up Communications for Slave Instruments on a Multi-zone Furnace

Understanding the Graphic User Interface (HMI), Part 1

Understanding the Graphic User Interface (HMI), Part 2

Working with Log Files Using The Log Chart Viewer

Calibration and Configuration of I/Os