Gas Mixing Panels™


Waukee Gas Mixing Panels include Waukee's reliable rotary vane compressors, air and gas Flo-Meters, and either a mechanical carburetor or RatioProver for precise ratio control. Panels are available with additive trim gas or air Flo-Meter’s. Various capacities and options are available to meet the needs and demands of almost any application. Contact Waukee for all your gas mixing needs.


  • Available with Lubed Vanes, which includes a set of Phenolic Vanes and an Auto Lubricating System or with Non-Lubed Vanes which includes a set of Long Life Composite Vanes.
  • Available with outlet pressures ranging from 0.5psig to 5.0psig. For higher pressures consult with Waukee.
  • Two options available for ratio control:
  • Standard Carburetor
  • RatioProver
  • Available with output capacities ranging from 200CFH up to 12,000CFH.
  • Base system includes all components pre-piped and mounted to a flush panel.
  • Available with Built-in Unloader for pressures between 0.5psig and 2.5psig or with Bypass Relief Regulator for pressure lower than 0.5psig or higher than 2.5psig.
  • Available with Standard turndown of 2:1 or 10:1 when used with a CPC (Compressor Pressure Controller).
  • Includes Gas and Air Flo-Meters and Air Filter.
  • Available with Trim Gas or Air Flo-Meters.
  • Includes 50/60HZ 220/440VAC Motor.
  • Includes V-Belt, Drive Sheaves and Belt Guard.