Gas Compressors


Proved in over 30 years of field operation, Waukee compressors are designed to be easy to maintain and service. This means that downtime is kept to a minimum. Features include simple design with few moving parts, rotary vane constructions, and built-in automatic closed-circuit unloader in which gas not needed is recirculated within the compressor. (Depending on pressure and flow rates, a bypass regulator may be used instead.)

The 6-vane rotor is supported at both ends by factory sealed and lubricated ball bearings. Operation is relatively quiet. There are no gears, springs, or metal contacts. The low-friction vanes slide in and out of the rotor slots centrifugally.

The Waukee Rotary Vane Compressors can be provided from 200 cfh (5.6 cm/h) to 8,000 cfh (226 cm/h) at pressures up to 3 psig (20.68 kPa) on standard models.


Provides Turn Down Control
This unique turn down system can be easily retrofitted into any existing Endothermic generator. All necessary components are installed and pre-wired inside an electrical cabinet. The installation is so simple that no engineering visit is necessary. Your own maintenance people can do it.

  • Saves Gas used for Endothermic Gas
  • Saves Gas used for heating the Generator
  • Totally eliminates wasteful endo burn off
  • Saves Electrical Energy used for the compressor