Flo-Meter™ - Waukee Flow Meter

The Waukee Flo-Meter™ is a precision instrument. Its machined aluminum structure assures reliable performance and long service life. The patented float rod assembly is the meter’s only moving part. Each Flo-Meter is calibrated to VDE/VDI 3513 of reading in Waukee’s ISO/IEC17025:2005 accredited laboratory.

  • Accurate Flow Measurement
  • Visual Indication of Flow
  • Low Maintenance


The accuracy of the Waukee Flo-Meter™ is built-in by the individual calibration of each meter for the specific gas, pressure, temperature and rate of flow required. Every Waukee Flo-Meter is calibrated to within +/- 3.50% of actual flow reading.

CALIBRATION (N.I.S.T. Traceability)
Upon request, a 3pt, 8pt, or 13pt Calibration Curve can be provided with a Waukee Flo-Meter™ that is traceable to the National Industry of Standards and Technology.

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