Steel Reheat


Combustion Optimization

OxyFire high temperature sensors for the steel and aluminum reheat industry:

Designed to withstand the rigors of the steel mill environment - the silicon protective carbide sheath or alumina protective outer sheath is installed in the soak or high heat zones of a reheat furnace. The in-situ oxygen sensor measures the excess oxygen and allows the reheat furnace operator to observe and control the amount of air used in the combustion process. UPC's Oxymit instrument transmits the oxygen and temperature signals (4-20mA) to any existing combustion optimization system.

Using UPC's "in-situ" high temperature oxygen sensors to trim the air/fuel ratio can control the formation of scale during the billet/slab reheat process. Secondary benefits include:

  • Less furnace maintenance
  • Less forming line maintenance
  • Lower fuel costs
  • More consistent product
  • Reduced NOx emissions