Post-Event Wrap-Up – 3 Industry Events, 3 Continents

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10 January 2016
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14 February 2016
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United Process Controls wrapped up the year with 3 industry events, putting their innovations in heat treatment and atmosphere flow controls on display at the ASM Heat Treat Exhibition USA, AWT HärtereiKongress Germany, and the International Exhibition of Heat Treatment China.

A highlight of the ASM Heat Treat event was the exciting panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Rick Sisson of the CHTE WPI, on the future direction of heat treating. Michael Winter of United Process Controls, one of six panelists, talked about what controls will be like in the next 20 years. He pointed out that future systems will feature smaller electronics with more powerful computing that are readily integrated with artificial intelligence. These small devices will not only operate autonomously, but will also possess the ability to learn from experience, sending data to Big Data for further analysis. Known as cyber-physical systems, these responsive electronics will allow for smarter sensors and controls with all kinds of new features, e.g. the implementation of predictive maintenance as opposed to preventive maintenance. With more devices to be connected over the internet (IIoT) in the future, today’s protocols and IP address space need to be modified to accommodate these devices and enable greater cyber security.

At the AWT HK congress, attendees had the opportunity to hear Winter present “How to Check the Proper Function of Oxygen Probes in Carburizing Atmospheres”, a report tasked by the German Society for Heat Treatment and Materials Science AWT’s “Expert Committee 20” to assist heat treaters with possible failures that may occur when probes are in use, and how such failures can be identified, avoided, and corrected.

Our event calendar ended on a high note with the final exhibition in Beijing, China drawing a record number of stand visitors and generating a record number of RFQs during the 3 days.