Carbonseer™ – M


Combines the mechanical and thermal toughness of QuickSilver™ with the industry-leading accuracy of AccuCarb®.

With the Carbonseer™-M, electrode design thermal shock is a thing of the past. Its rugged design enables users to execute probe changeovers much more efficiently than the traditional "inch a minute" interval.

  • Thermal Shock Resistant - Installs in seconds instead of 1" (25.4 mm) every 2 minutes like older technologies
  • 1.05" diameter, schd. 40 sheath eliminates probe sag problems found on competitor probes - no need to periodically rotate the probe in order to prevent failure
  • Can be inserted up to 10" inside the furnace - no 4" limit as found on smaller diameter products
  • "Nearly New" rebuild service includes new substrate (sensitive element) and new thermocouple and is backed by a comprehensive 12-month warranty
  • Can be rebuilt multiple times, not just once as with inferior probes
  • "K", "R", and "S" integral thermocouples are available
  • Fast probe burn-off (90 seconds) and rapid recovery time
  • Probe electrical disconnect allows for simple replacement
  • Strain-relief grommet for direct-to-terminal wiring