AtmoProbe™ - 100% solid zirconia oxygen sensor

The AtmoProbe™ is an industrial atmosphere sensor that provides extremely accurate and repeatable measurements, and may be used in a variety of atmosphere measurement applications. The proprietary design of the AtmoProbe™ utilizes a 100% solid zirconia electrolyte sensor mounted within a solid zirconia seat. The solid slip-cast zirconia sensor eliminates seams and seals near the measurement point that typically cause offsets and premature failures of most oxygen probes. Furthermore, the unique secondary 100% zirconia seat serves as a shock absorber and provides an extremely robust mechanical design that can handle repeated temperature cycling and mechanical stresses without damage.


United Process Controls stocks a wide variety of accessories for the AtmoProbe™ including:
  • Probe Reference Air System
  • Probe Conditioning System (Burnout Air)
  • Probe Sampling Systems
  • Probe 330RA high temperature Mounting Flanges and Hardware
  • Shim Stock Testing Hardware (Holder, Shims, Port)
  • Specifications

    Probe Type Alloy Ceramic
    Length: 20 - 38" 20 - 38"
    Max Temp: 1750°F 2400°F
    Integral TC: To Order
    (Std: K or S)
    To Order
    (Std: K or S)
    Electrical: AmpCPC 4 Pin AmpCPC 4 Pin
    Ref. Air: 1/4" Comp. Brass 1/4" Comp. Brass
    B.O. Air: 1/4" Comp. SS 1/4" Comp. SS
    Port Size: 1" NPT 1" NPT
    Warranty: 12 Months 12 Months