Carbon Probes / Oxygen Sensors



Workhorse, high-accuracy oxygen probe that adds corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance to its latest revision. Multiple rebuild capability makes this a favorite.


When you need higher temperatures the AccuCarb® Ceramic is the go to probe with models available working up to 2300°F (1260°C).

AccuCarb® LTA

Vacuum-tight heat treatment sensor for annealing and bright annealing. Like the NitroCarb™, the AccuCarb® Low-Temperature Annealing (LTA) probe is gas tight but uses a more traditional sheath, since ammonia is not present.


Tough design and saturation burn-off for high carbon applications


Combines the mechanical and thermal toughness of QuickSilver™ with the industry-leading accuracy of AccuCarb®. Thermal Shock Resistant – Installs in seconds


Our most rugged oxygen probe for the toughest environments. With its mechanical cleaning feature, the CS87 is unrivaled in the dirtiest furnaces or when stop-off paints are in use. The user-rebuildable design makes it highly economical over the long haul.


Vacuum-tight oxygen sensor for nitrocarburizing processes. A fully gas-tight design, coupled with low-temperature operation and a special sheath, allows the NitroCarb to work in all FNC environments where other probes simply cannot.


High-performance, low-cost option for carburizing where speed of installation is critical, and where corrosion resistance and more than a single rebuild are not necessary. Incorporates high-end features in a shock-resistant probe.


Reliable oxygen probe particularly suited for dirty atmospheres.

TruCarb™ System

Direct in-situ measurement of carbon potential. New technology for carburizing and carbonitriding processes.


Oxygen Probe Certification Program – Suitable for any make of probe