Endothermic Generator Control System

AccuBlendor Plus

AccuBlendor Plus™™ is a new endothermic generator control system that provides a cost-effective solution for gas mixing requirements. The turnkey system features integrated temperature, dew point and turn down control.

The AccuBlendor Plus™™ delivers atmosphere gas only as needed, which helps to reduce gas waste and to lower operating costs. It automatically measures the actual blend of gases and performs mixing in real-time, providing only as much endothermic gas as is required by furnace demand.


  • Saves money by producing only as much gas as needed to satisfy demand. Eliminates gas waste.
  • Self-contained skid mounted configuration includes compressor, flow meters, and ratio control system for easy connection to generator.
  • Precise dew point and temperature control
  • Variable speed control extends compressor life and eliminates the need for blower and high inlet gas pressures. Electronic ratio control eliminates the need for a carburetor.
  • Ideal for customers who need to control and data log flow rates, dew point or CO/CO2, alarms, and temperature for compliance to internal ISO specifications or NADCAP, AMS2750D, or CQI9
All designed to work together as a simple to use and install system:

  • a Protherm 470 controller with ratio control system
  • an electronic variable speed compressor
  • an electronic control package
  • Replaces traditional carburetor eliminating problems associated with unstable pressures especially at high turn down settings.
  • Electronic and mechanical indication of critical flows, fully compliant with all safety regulations, assure a constant mixture and flow and consistent gas chemistry.
  • Dew point trim control accomplished by slight adjustments of the ratio.
  • Advanced ratio control allows for fully automated operation without the need to manually adjust the base ratio.

  • Control of generator temperature, Dew Point, and Turn Down
  • Clearly described alarms
  • Trending of all process variables
  • Local data logging
  • USB memory stick interface to retrieve data
  • Compatible with most Scada packages for online continuous monitoring and archiving
  • Generator High Limit and electrical circuit protection
  • Variable frequency drive for mixing pump motor including AC line reactors for protection from transients and harmonics
  • Capacities up to 10000 cfh
  • Turn down flow is accomplished by electronic measurement of generator output, and variable speed control the gas mixing pump
  • Field proven, easy to maintain Waukee gas compressor provides years of service and easy field rebuilds
  • Variable speed feature extends compressor life
  • Low maintenance inlet filter, inexpensive and easy to change
  • Easy to install replacement vane kits for like-new performance
  • 10X faster response than conventional probes
  • Up to 100X faster than reheat wells
  • Simple installation
  • Lowest sensor replacement cost
  • Long sensor life- typically 4 years
  • Simplest set-up and calibration available
  • No hidden "maintenance kit", calibration or service costs
  • No costly extras like burn-off, reference air or timers needed