EndoFlex™ Endothermic Gas Generator Aligns with Manufacturing Demand & Brings Improved Process Efficiency

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12 March 2018
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23 March 2018
UPC & Jomarca


United Process Controls (UPC) delivered an Atmosphere Engineering™ EndoFlex™ endothermic gas generator to Jomarca, one of the biggest fastener manufacturers in South America serving the furniture, tooling, construction, and do-it-yourself markets. The new generator is intended for carburizing operations at the company’s Brazilian plant. In 2016, Jomarca nearly doubled its carburizing operations and increased its production capacity in anticipation of the economic upswing in South America and the rebound in construction. Carburizing operations now include ten large continuous rotary retort furnaces that process over 2200 US tons (2,000,000 kg) of fasteners a month.

The high-capacity generator was integrated into the plant’s existing gas distribution system in the first quarter of 2018 and is supplying endothermic gas to all carburizing furnaces. The EndoFlex operates at a lower cost and mixes to more accurate ratios, which helps to maintain a constant furnace atmosphere and a consistent gas quality at all times. The generator’s intelligent control system automatically adjusts the production of endothermic gas to match the real-time demand of the furnaces. This efficient production and supply of endogas delivers immediate cost savings through a reduction of electrical energy and gas consumption. Moreover, the multi-retort design feature operates at a lower temperature, which prolongs the life of the catalyst and retorts. In addition to savings, the enhanced control capabilities of the EndoFlex allow for continuous control and monitoring of CH4, dew point, differential pressure, gas temperature, and retort burnout, as well as data logging, which is critical for troubleshooting and meeting regulatory requirements.

“Recent investments in our facility have helped us build the infrastructure necessary to meet the growing demand for fasteners in Brazil and South America. Since we were looking for a gas generator for use within our heat treating processes, we thought it made sense to broaden our search and look beyond the standard choice - nitrogen-methanol, and consider the benefits of natural-gas. What we discovered is that the EndoFlex is a proven product that increases process efficiency by optimizing gas usage and reducing energy consumption. The system is also a greener alternative, since there’s no burn off of excess gas,” said Mr João Marques Castelhano, President of Jomarca.