High-Nitrogen Carbonitriding

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High-Nitrogen Carbonitriding


The article "High-Nitrogen Nitrocarburizing" appeared in the March 2017 issue of Industrial Heating.


In this article, we present a mechanical and metallurgical examination of High-Nitrogen Carbonitriding, while also taking a closer look at its control in industrial high-volume production. The article will

  • Demonstrate the benefits of carbonitrided layers rich in nitrogen (i.e., higher temperature stability due to nitrogen enriched retained austenite; ability to avoid or stop washouts induced by microcracks underneath the surface at Hertzian stresses)
  • Explain the driving technique of the atmosphere of nitrogen-rich production carbonitriding (HN system - concurrent control of carbon and nitrogen potential in carbonitriding application; thermodynamic model to simulate carbonitriding process)
  • Promote this new family of thermochemical treatments (whether atmospheric or at low pressure) to various business sectors, considering the benefits it can bring to products.
High-Nitrogen Carbonitriding
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